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Ontario Farmer Articles

The Ontario CCA office is always looking for more articles, so try your hand at composing one. Articles should be 500-600 words in length, deal with any agronomic topic or issue, and not contain any company or product specific promotion.

Below are the most recent articles written by fellow Ontario CCAs: 


Fusarium Head Blight and its Control -By Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota 

 Sulphur in Row Crops -By Carley Matheson

 Keeping Pastures Productive Despite the Weather -By Jack Kyle

Sweetcorn:What you should consider before selecting the right hybrid for your farm-By Jim Anderson

Considering Test Plots? -By Mike Bakker

Global Phosphorus Flows and Form-By Tom Bruulsema

Municipal Biosolids Programs Can Improve Soil Health- By Mark Janiec

 Liming Acidic Soils to Improve Soil and Crop Productivity-By Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota 

Soil Phosphorus Stratification-By Dr. Tom Bruulsema 

Foliar Nutrition-By Mike Bakker 

Phosphorus and Photosynthesis-By Dr. Tom Bruulsema 

Municipal Biosolids Application Using 4 R's Nutrient Management Stewardship-By Mark Janiec 






2017 Soil & Water Information Day Presentations:

1. Comparing Costs and Benefits of Natural Channel Design to Traditional Designs in Rural Drainage

          Tim Brook, Water Management Engineering Specialist, OMAFRA

2. Edge-of-Field Monitoring Findings in Relation to Tillage and Fertilizer Placement

          Mark Williams, USDA 

3. Organic Amendments: How Does Composition, Timing and Placement Impact N and P Losses?

          Christine Brown, OMAFRA

4. Soil Health Monitoring on a Field-Watershed Scale

          Ross Wilson, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority 

6. Revising the P Index

          Keith Reid, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada



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